Pinoy Pride 46 | Albert Pagara vs Ratchanon Sawangsoda | albert pagara latest fight 2019 |FULL FIGHT

Ratchanon Sawangsoda suffered four knockdown before the referee stop the fight

Albert Pagara vs Ratchanon Sawangsoda |Pinoy Pride 46 | FOUR KNOCKDOWN in 1st ROUND | FULL FIGHT

August 17 in Ormoc City Philippines

🇵🇭 Albert Pagara (31-1,22) vs
🇹🇭 Ratchanon Sawangsoda (12-3,12)


Ratchanon Sawangsoda

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August 17, 2019 at the Superdome for the Pinoy Pride Boxing Tournament, RatchanonSawangsoda, Sawangsoda

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